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Patented suction cup provides a strong hold on both Windshields and Textured Vehicle Dashboards

What Our Customers are Saying

“Wow! I am in love with this bike phone mount. First of all, the adjustable frame is super handy. It allows you to resize to fit your size phone, and the extra supportive elastic holds the phone or phone (with case) snugly in place. I have a IPhone 5s with a “Mophie Phone Case extended battery 100% charge space pack 32gb extended memory”. 

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I love my phone case/cover so much that the thought of having to take it off to fit into a bike mount would be devastating. So I decided to try to find a phone mount that would allow me to adjust the size to fit any size; ergo, my Mophie phone case. Super Stoked I found this!.”

“Tackform Freedom Cell Phone Handlebar Mount with Safety Sling is an excellent phone holder for your bike. Installation is simple and straight forward. 

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An allen wrench is needed but it is included. Rubber spacers are also included to use with just about any size handlebars. Once installed, I attached my 4.5″ smartphone that I use as a bike GPS. The mount holds the phone securely, and the silicone sling adds some extra security. I had to fiddle a little with the silicone sling in order for it not to interfere with the phone’s buttons, but I managed to do it. The sling only covers a little bit of the corners of the phone, and doesn’t block the screen. If you’re brave, you could probably do without it, but I prefer using it. This is a well made, well designed mount that works well. I recommend it

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