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GoPro Headrest Mount for Car
Professional Headrest Post Mount for GoProgopro-headrest-mountCar Mount for GoPro or Action Camera - Headrestgopro-mount-in-boxheadrest-post-mount-for-car

GoPro Headrest Mount, Tackform DrivePRO for Car

$99.99 $79.99

GoPro Headrest Mount, The Tackorm ‘DrivePRO’  (1/4-20 to GoPro Adapter Included)

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE ACCESSORY – This is a professional grade GoPro filming acessory
  • RIGID – Aerospace Aluminum and Steel Constructed for rock solid performance.
  • VERSATILE – Equipped with a variety of locking joints for a variety of pivoting options to capture any viewing angle.
  • TRACK READY – Grab your gear and get out there.

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Product Description

The ‘DrivePro’ GoPro Headrest Mount for Car

Are you looking for a GoPro headrest mount in the car that won’t rattle or vibrate but allows you to film exceptional video while driving? If so, Look No Further! Tackform’s ‘DrivePro’ is the ultimate GoPro mounting solution for your car. Its ultra-rigid clamp locks securely on to any Headrest Post for a rock solid grip. ‘DrivePro’ Headrest Mount for GoPro has an unyielding mounting arm with 4 rock solid joints to securely hold your GoPro in any perspective.

The most common recording position used by our customers is above and behind the right shoulder of the driver. This provides an ‘over the shoulder’ view for the camera while you drive, essentially replicating the perspective of the driver. Other drivers choose to rotate the mounting arm 90 degrees to film outside the driver’s side rear window while driving. The easy and full rotation of the ‘DrivePro’ mount allows you to film how you want, when you want – high, low, front, back – you can film any way you imagine.

If you’re looking for a filming solution that will allow you to review your track experience to identify how you were cornering and gain insight to what you can do to tighten up you lines to shave time, the Tackform DrivePro headrest mount for GoPro is right for you.

Mount your GoPro in your BMW, Mustang, Range Rover or anything else with a headrest post.

GoPro Adapter Included.

Smartphone holder adapter available as well. Sold Separately


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